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The Green River Fossil Company offers the finest in natural art, fossil fish, and stone products.


Our medium is fossil-rich calcium carbonate shale from our private quarry in Southwestern Wyoming. From this stone, deposited 50 million years ago as sediment in a large freshwater lake, we produce individual fossil specimens, artistic fossil murals, and other stone products for museums, private collectors, interior designers and architects. All fossil fish are collected and prepared in adherence to strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics, State and Federal Laws.



Some of the Collection of fossils coming to Tucson in 2023!
Events See Us In Tucson At the 22nd Street Show. We will be in the Showcase Tent Platinum 1.

Location: 22nd Street Show 993 Freeway Tucson AZ 

Dates: January 26- February 12, 2023

Hours: 10:am to 6pm.

Just a few of the fossils coming to Tucson in January of 2023!

Featured Fossils from the Current Collection and from our Sold Archives
Featured Fossils from the Current Collection and from our Sold Archives is a collection of some of our current fossil murals for sale and some fossil murals that have recently been sold. This collection includes rare and unique fossil murals. These fossils include fossil palms, fossil plants, rare fossil fish, fossil reptiles, large and smaller fossil fish murals, and other notable fossils from our collection. The fossils were collected from our private quarry, "The Green River Stone Quarry", part of the Green River Formation of southwestern Wyoming. All of the fossils are authentic, museum-quality specimens, and date to the Early Eocene, 50 million years old.


Custom Fossil Interiors
Custom Fossil Interiors

Green River Fossil has been creating custom interior designs for more than 20 years. Our hand quarried stone features naturally occurring fossils from an ancient lakebed in Southwest Wyoming. It is meticulously prepaired and finished by our artisan craftsmen to your exact specifications. We can work with you and your design team to create one-of-a-kind kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls, furniture, tile, and other natural stone products.../custom-interiors


Houston Croc
Fossils in Museum Collections

Green River Fossil Company fossils can be found in museum collections throughout the world. Shown is a rare crocodile of exceptional preservation and detail! The crocodile, Borealosuchus wilsoni, was the apex predator of Fossil Lake in the Early Eocene 50-million-years ago. The fossil measures 11'-1". It is currently on display at the Houston Museum of Natural History Houston Tx.

Fossil Furniture
Fossil Furniture

Fossil stone drink table. This beautiful 16” round drink table features a honed fossil stone top containing three Cockerellites liops, and four Knighta eocaena. The fossils are from the early eocene (50-million-years). The table base is made from hand forged iron. We can provide this and a variety of other pre-made furniture products in our "Fossil Lake Collection", or we can custom build a piece to your specifications. All of our products feature authentic fossils. 


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