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The Crocodile Borealosuchus wilsoni was the apex predator of the Green River Formation. We believe this is the best preserved Green River crocodile ever found. The specimen measures 104-1/2' from head to tail. The skull portion measures 19-1/2" in length and 8-1/2" wide. This rare crocodile contains details that are most unique. Within the front and sides of the skull, there are multiple sets of large and small teeth. Along the entire body, one can see perfectly arranged dorsal scutes (protective boney plates that were located just under the skin). In addition, the spine can be seen protruding outward along the entire length of the body. It has multiple ribs exposed along the belly line, with stomach contents that include gastroliths. In the 150 years of Green River excavations, we believe fewer than 15 complete crocodiles have ever been found. The age of the fossil is 50 million years old. It is supplied framed in a handmade Wenge wood frame, backed in wood with a reinforced wood armature and a two-part French cleat for secure hanging.

This mural is supplied with a custom-built wood crate.