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Fossil Fish Mural 2004cm
Horizontal position.
Detail view of a largew Diplomystus dentatus.
Detail view of a Diplomystus dentatus and a Knightia eocaena.
Mural Back.

This large Collector-sized fossil fish mural was quarried from a rare dark limestone layer unique to our quarry called “Mosaic Lake II”.  The fossils found in this layer are exceptional in preservation quality and detail. The stone offers unique gray and tan colors with bold textures. This mural can be hung in both vertical and horizontal directions. The fossils include a 20", 11" and a 5-1/2"  Diplomystus dentatus, a 7" Priscacara serrata, and seven Knightia eocaena in sizes from 4" to 6". The age of the fossils is 50 million years old, Early Eocene. The stone was unearthed from our private quarry located in the Green River Formation of southwestern Wyoming. The mural is backed in wood with finished beveled edges. A two-part aluminum French cleat has been added to the back for easy hanging.

This mural ships in a custom-made wood crate, fully insured against loss or damage.