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This vertical fossil fish mural was quarried from our “Mosaic Lake 1" stone layer. This is a dark limestone layer unique to our quarry. Fossils found in these dark limestone layers tend to be better preserved and more dimensional than those found in the softer, lighter, limestone layers. The stone offers light textures, and a range of beige, tan, and gray colors. The fossils include a large 16-1/2" and a small 6-1/2" Diplomsytus dentatus, an 8-1/4" Priscacara serrata, and 2- Knightia eocaena measuring 5-1/2″ and 5″. The fossils date to the Early Eocene 50 million years old. The fossils come from the bottom capping layer of the famous 18″ fossil stone layer of the Green River Formation of Southwestern Wyoming. The mural is framed in a hand-made Wenge wood frame, backed in wood with a two-part French cleat added for easy hanging.

This mural ships in a custom-made wood crate, fully insured against loss or damage.