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Fossil Fish Mural 4010gm (SOLD)
View from an angle.
Detail view of the Phareodus testis.
Detail view of the Mioplosus labracoides.
Detail view of two Knightia eocaena.
Mural Back.

This Gallery sized fossil mural features a variety of large and small fossil fish. The stone offers unique yellow, beige, and golden colors with bold textures. The fossils include a large Mioplosus labracoides, and large Phareodus testis, three Cockerellites liops, and four Knightia eocaena. The age of the fossils are 50 million years old. The stone was quarried from the Green River Fossil Company quarry in southwestern Wyoming. The mural is supplied framed in a handmade wenge wood frame, backed in wood with a two-part French cleat on the back for easy hanging.


We would be glad to provide you with a shipping quote or to create renderings of this mural installed in your space. The members of our sales team are fossil experts with decades of experience and they will be able to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to inquire at the link above or to call us for additional information.