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This Collector Size fossil mural features large and small fossils in a flowing composition. The fossils include a 19", 7", and 5" Diplomystus dentatus, a 13" Phareodus testis, and 3- Knightia eocaena in sizes between 5" and 6", all of exceptional quality and detail. The stone is our "Fossil Lake' stone layer featuring a top layer that has small repeating raindrop size spots. The cause of these spots is unknown. They add a unique element to the visual impact of the mural. The age of the stone is Early Eocene, 50 million years old. The mural is supplied framed in a hand-made Wenge wood frame, backed in wood with a two-part French cleat on the back for easy hanging.


We ship our murals in custom-made wood crates, fully insured against loss or damage.