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Fossil Fish Mural 9004gm (SOLD)
Fossil Fish Mural 9004gm (SOLD)
large Diplomystus dentatus and Knightia eocaena
Priscacara serrata and three Knightia eocaena
angled view
example of the reverse side of a mural

This sculptural mural showcases a range of natural Eocene era fossil specimans from the Green River Formation in Wyoming. The fossils are approximately 50 million years old and include four Diplomystus dentatus, a Priscacara serrata, and five Knightia eocaena. 

This fossil limestone was quarried from our Fossil Lake Classic layer. The layers of color and physical texture in the stone, painstakingly revealed in our preparation laboratory, provide a complex backdrop for the natural fossil specimens.

This fossil mural is custom framed in Wenge wood, which beautifully complements the natural color of the fossil fish. It is fully backed in wood with a built in French cleat system. This mural ships in a custom wood crate, fully insured against loss or damage, and ready for immediate installation.