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This mural contains a rare 36" fossil turtle Baena arenosa. Most turtles that are found in the Green River Formation are in the Trionychidae family or soft-shelled turtles. This one is a Baenidae a more rare hard-shell turtle. To our knowledge, less than 10 complete adults have ever been found. The Baenidae was a land and water turtle, that would use its long tail to move along water bottoms in search of food. Most Baenidae that are discovered are small juvenile turtles or partial remains. The age of the fossil is 50 million years old. This extinct genus of turtles was first described during the famous Hayden Geological Survey of 1870. In addition to the turtle, the mural also contains a small Diplomystus dentatus and a Knightia eocaena. The mural is supplied framed in a handmade Wenge wood frame. It is backed in wood with a two-part French cleat on the back for secure hanging.

We ship our murals in custom-built wood crates, fully insured against loss or damage.