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Fossil Art-Items

Mural 6345am
Mural 6345am
An Accent sized mural containing three species of fossil fish.

Size: 24”H x 36”W x 1 1/4”D

Description: This mural contains a rare 12-1/2" Phareodus, a 5-1/4" Diplomystus and 3- Knightia fossils. The matrix is a heavily textured limestone.

Weight: 42lbs.


An irregularly shaped mural containing two Diplomystus and two Knightia.

Size: 33"H x 26"W x 1-1/2"D

Description: This Accent-sized mural is irregularly shaped with bold textures. The fossils include a large 21" and a small 8-1/2" Diplomystus dentatus, and two small Knightia eocaena measuring 5" & 5-3/4".

Weight: 45 lbs.


Mural # 6367am
Mural # 6367am
A horizontal Accent sized mural containing 4 fossils including a large Diplomystus.

Description: A horizontal Accent sized mural containing a 19", 8", & 5-1/2" Diplomystus dentatus, and a 5-1/2" Cockerellites liops. The stone is a light-colored limestone quarried from our Fossil Lake stone layer.

Size: 24" tall x 36" wide x 1" deep

Weight: 42 lbs.


Mural 7500am
Mural 7500am
An irregular shaped mural with three fossils

Description: Quarried from our Rust Lake stone layer, this irregularly shaped mural contains a 6" Cockerellites liops, a 6" Knightia eocarna, and an 11" Diplomysuts dentatus. The stone has bold color and layers of texture.

Size: 26"H x 35"W x 1"D

Weight: 25 lbs.


Mural # 6378am
Mural # 6378am
A horizontal Accent sized mural containing 5 fossils.

Description: An Accent-sized mural containing 4 Cockerellites liops in sizes between 4-3/4" and 5-1/2", and a large 9-1/2" Priscacara serrata. The stone is light beige with bold texture. 

Size: 24" Tall x 36" wide x 1" deep

Weight: 44 lbs.


Mural 8342am
Mural 8342am
A horizontal mural with large and small fossils and some unique markings on the stone.

Size: 17" x 46”W x 1 1/2”D

Description: 19- Knightia between 2"-3-1/2", 30 Mioplous 4-1/2" to 12".

Weight: 56lbs.


Mural 8007am
Mural 8007am
An irregularly shaped mural, quarried from our "Mosaic Lake I" stone layer.

Size: 36”H x 24”W x 1 1/4”D

Description: Two Diplomystus 8 1/2" & 7", an 8 1/2" Priscacara, and a 5" Knightia

Weight: 42lbs.


Mural 9478am
Mural 9478am
A rare fossil branch with three leaves.

Size: 38"H x 20"W x 1-1/4"D

Description: A 24-3/4" Branch with 3 leaves

Weight: 40 Lbs.


Mural 7001am
Mural 7001am
A rare 17" Hummelichelys guttata turtle.

Size: 25”H x 21”W x 2”D

Description: A 17” Hummelichelys guttata (soft-shell turtle). Exceptional in preservation!

Weight: 40lbs.


Mural 9001am
Mural 9001am
A rare folded "Elephant Ear" leaf on an irregularly shaped stone.

Size: 31-1/2”H x 22”W x 1 1/4”D

Description: 14" Leaf

Weight: 34lbs.



Mural 4003am
Mural 4003am
A rare fossil palm in a dark limestone matrix.

Size: 39-1/2"H x 28"W x 1-1/4"D

Description: A 36" section of a Palm leaf palmacites

Weight: 52 lb.


Mural 7410am (SOLD)
Mural 7410am (SOLD)
A vertical accent mural with four fossils.

Size: 37"H x 25"W x 1-1/4"D

Description: A 17-1/2" Diplomystus dentatus, and 3- 6" Knightia eocaena.

Weight: 38 lbs.


Mural 6022am (SOLD)
Mural 6022am (SOLD)
Two large Diplomystus and a Knightia on our "Mosaic Lake I" stone layer.

Size: 37”H x 25”W x 2 1/2”D

Description: 17" Diplomystus, 15 1/2" Diplomystus, 5 1/2" Knightia

Weight: 55lbs.


Mural 0310am (SOLD)
Mural 0310am (SOLD)
A rare Notogoneus osculus and a large 9-1/2" Priscacara serrata.

Size: 25”H x 37”W x 1 1/4”D

Description: 13-1/2" Notogoneus, 9 1/2" Priscacara, 6 1/2" Knightia, 2 1/2" & 2" Knightia

Weight: 42lbs.


Mural 0800am  (SOLD)
Mural 0800am (SOLD)
A vertical mural quarried from a dark limestone stone layer. It contains 5 fossils.

Size: 36"H x 24" W x 1-1/4"

Description: This mural was quarried from our "Mosaic Lake" stone layer. It contains a large 10" Priscacara serrata, and four Knightia eocaena in sizes between 5" and 6".

Weight: 42 Lbs.