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Fossil Art-Items

Mural 8011gm
Mural 8011gm
A two directional mural (viewed vert. or horiz.) with large and small fossils.

Size: 36"H x 72"W x 1-1/4"D

Description: A 17", 14" and 7-1/4" Diplomystus dentatus, a 5-1/2" Cockerellites liops, and 2- Knightia eocaena measuring 5-1/4" and 5".

Weight: 125 lbs.


Mural #6750gm
Mural #6750gm
A irregularly shaped mural containing a rare Notogoneus, a Diplomystus a Cockerellites and 4- Knightia.

Size: 70" H x 39" W x 1-1/2" D

Description: An irregularly shaped Gallery size mural containing an 18-1/2" Notogoneus osculus, 9" Diplomystus dentatus a 5-1/4" Cockerellites liops, and 4- Knightia eocaena between 6-1/2" and 7". Quarried from our "Fossil Lake Classic" stone layer.

Weight: 155 lbs.


Mural 5611gm
Mural 5611gm
A large irregularly shaped mural containing a 24" Notogoneus osculus, a 20" and 2- 6" Diplomystus dentatus, and a Knightia eocaena on a triangular stone matrix.

Size: 76”H x 55”W x 1 1/2”D

Description: 24" Notogoneus, 20" Diplomystus, (2) 6" Diplomystus, 6" Knightia

Weight: 161lbs.


Mural 4008gm
Mural 4008gm
An irregular shaped mural quarried from a dark limestone layer.

Size:  36"H x 72" W x 1-5/8"D

Description: This mural contains a 19-3/4", 12-3/4" and 10" Diplomystus dentatus, 5- Knightia eocaena in sizes between 5-1/2" and 6-1/2", and other trace fossils.

Weight: 153 lbs.


Mural 2009gm
Mural 2009gm
A large mural containing 12 fossils on a stone matrix with bright colors.

Size: 48" H x 96"W x 1-1/2"D

Description: A large mural cntaining a 17-1/2", 15-1/2", 14" and a 5" Diplomystus dentatus, a 10-1/2" Mioplosus labracodes, a 7"" Priscacara serrata, and 6- Knightia eocaena between 5"-6"

Weight: 253 Lbs.


Mural 8035gm
Mural 8035gm
A horizontal mural featuring two large Diplomystus and eight smaller fossils.

Size: 36"H x 72"W x 1-1/4"D

Description: This mural contains a 18-1/2", 17-1/2", and 6" Diplomystus dentatus, 5- Knightia eocaena between 5-3/4" and 7", 2- Priscacara serrata measuring 7-1/2" and 8".

Weight: 140 lbs.


Mural 7500gm
Mural 7500gm
Among the largest and most complete turtles ever found.

Size: 73”H x 55”W x 3 1/8”D

Description: Axestemys byssinus (softshell turtle) 4' 4 3/4" from head to tail, Skull 11 3/4" Long

Weight: 287lbs.


Mural 1008gm
Mural 1008gm
A horizontal compostion of large and small fossils.

Size: 40”H x 82”W x 1 1/2”D

Description: 18" Notogoneus, 15 1/2" Diplomystus, 10" Diplomystus, 6" Diplomystus, 11" Phareodus, (7) Knightia

Weight: 134lbs.


Mural 2014gm
Mural 2014gm
A rare 45" fossil Gar

Size: 36"H x 79"W x 2-1/2"D

Description: A rare 47" fossil gar Masillosteus janei.

Weight: 184 lbs.


Mural 5001gm
Mural 5001gm
A natural compostion of fish and fauna in a dark limestone matrix.

Size: 90”H x 69”W x 2 1/2”D

Description: 89" vine, 22" Diplomystus, 12" Diplomystus, 7 1/2" Diplomystus, 9" Priscacara, (8) Knightia

Weight: 240lbs.


Mural 8703gm
Mural 8703gm
A rare 9-1/2' fossil crocodile.

Size: 49”H x 90”W x 2 3/4”D

Description: A 104 1/2" Borealosuchus wilsoni (Crocodile), the skull measures 19 1/4" x 8 1/2".

Weight: 333lbs.


Mural 0004gm (SOLD)
Mural 0004gm (SOLD)
A irregular shaped mural containing small and large fossils.

Size: 73"H x 32"W x 1-1/2"D

Description: A mural quarried from our "Fossil Lake" stone layer. The fossils include an 18", 17-1/2", and  7" Diplomystus dentatus, a 5" Cockerellites liops, and four Knightia eocaena in sizes between 4-1/2" and 6".

Weight: 142 Lbs.


1005gm  (SOLD)
1005gm (SOLD)
A vertical Gallery sized fossil mural containing large and small fossil fish.

Size: 73" H x 37" W x 1-1/4" D

Description: Quarried from our "Fossil Lake" stone layer, this mural contains 20", 12-1/4", and 7" Diplomystus dentatus, 5-1/2" Cockerellites liops, and 6- Knightia eocaena in sizes between 4-3/4" and 6-1/2". 

Weight: 140 lbs.


Mural 6004 & 5003 GM (SOLD)
Mural 6004 & 5003 GM (SOLD)
A diptych containing two book-matched fossil palm fronds.

Size: 87"H x 84" W (2 sections 42"W) x 2-1/2"D

Description: A fossil diptych containing a 77" fossil palm frond sabalities sp. that was split directly on the leaf revealing two book-matched halves.

Weight: 170 lbs. left and 220 lbs right.


Mural 1003gm (SOLD)
Mural 1003gm (SOLD)
A large horizonal mural containing a palm and five fossil fish

Size: 49"H x 97"W x 2-1/4"D

Description: A large fossil mural containing a 55" Palm Sabalites sp, a rare 18-1/2" Notogoneus osculus, a 7" and 6-1/2" Diplomystus dentatus, a 6" Knightia eocaena, and a 5-1/2" Cockerellites liops.  

Weight: 290 lbs.


Mural 2011gm (SOLD)
Mural 2011gm (SOLD)
A horizontal mural quarried from a dark limestone layer containing large and small fossils.

Size: 36"H x 72"W x 1-1/2"D

Description: Quarried from our "Mosaic Lake I" stone layer, this mural contains a 20-1/2" Diplomyustus dentatus, an 8" Phareodus testis, a 7-3/4" Mioplosus labracoides, a 6" Cockerellites liops, and five Knightia eocaena in sizes between 5" and 6-1/2".

Weight: 151 lbs.


Mural 6004ABC (SOLD)
Mural 6004ABC (SOLD)
A fossil triptych containing a variety of large and small fossil fish.

Size: 48"H x 72"W (3 sections 48" x 24") x 1-1/4"D

Description: The fossils include a 17-1/2", 7-1/4" & 5" Diplomystus dentatus, 4- Knightia eocaena in sizes between 5" and 6-3/4", 6- Cockerellites liops in sizes between 5" and 5-1/2", and an 11" Mioplosus labracoides.

Weight: 210 Lbs.